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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman, 2007, * * * *

A New Yorker staff writer, best-selling author, and professor at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Jerome Groopman unravels the ultimate medical mystery: how doctors figure out the best treatments — or fail to do so. On average, a physician will interrupt a patient describing her symptoms within twelve seconds. In that short time, many doctors decide on the likely diagnosis and best treatment. Often, decisions made this way are correct, but at crucial moments they can also be wrong — with catastrophic consequences, Jerome Groopman pinpoints the forces and thought processes behind the decisions doctors make and explores why doctors err. This book is the first to describe in detail the warning signs of erroneous medical thinking, offering direct, intelligent questions patients can ask their doctors to help them get back on track. Groopman draws on a wealth of research, extensive interviews with some of the country's best physicians, and his own experiences as a doctor and patient. He has learned many of the lessons in this book the hard way, from his own mistakes and from errors his doctors made in treating his own debilitating medical problems. How Doctors Think reveals a profound new view of twenty-first-century medical practice, giving doctors and patients the vital information they need to make better judgments together


  1. Absolutely fantastic book, I am so glad that you put this book on the site, I really think that this book should be read by everyone that is into medicine. I personally think that this book provides some interesting perspective as to the way that doctors think. WOW!!!!! Good job picking this book.

    P.s. AWESOME BLOG!!!!

  2. Are you a PA or a nurse, because you put a lot of interesting medical books on this site? Your understanding of these books indicate your indepth knowledge into nursing / PA medicine.